About FLiCRA

The Florida Life Care Residents (FLICRA) was formed in 1989 by Patrick B. (Pat) Lyons, a resident of Indian River Estates, a continuing care residents community (CCRC) located in Vero Beach, Florida.  

FLICRA currently consists of just under 14,000 residents in fifty eight of the licensed CCRCs located through out the state of Florida.

Since its inception, FLiCRA has been responsible for and participated in many legislative efforts that benefit CCRC residents. Several of the issues that FLiCRA has worked on have resulted in not only protection for residents but also significant cost savings to residents. Here are a few examples of Florida laws passed or proposals defeated due, in part or whole, to the efforts of FLiCRA that resulted in cost savings to CCRC residents:
  • Secured right of qualified residents to have prescription drugs provided through retirement programs repackaged for use in the health/nursing center. Residents with retirement prescription programs can now use their plans in health and nursing centers within their communities.
  • Supported legislation requiring background checks on prospective employees in nursing facilities and long-term care communities.
  • Secured "homestead exemption" benefits for residents of for-profit and leased not-for-profit CCRCs.

FLiCRA also developed the "Bill of Rights" for CCRC residents that serve as basic rights for all continuing care residents in Florida (Florida Statutes, Chapter 651.083 Residents' rights).

FLiCRA Bylaws